1. Download and install the iTwinkle Wi-Fi App from App Store (iOS) or Play Store (android).
2. Ensure Wi-Fi is set to ON in your device’s settings.
3. Plug in all the sets you wish to setup to a power source. The solid red indicator light (last bulb on strand) will turn solid green when it is ready to connect to your device.
4. Open the iTwinkle Wi-Fi App. Tap ‘OK’ to proceed. Once on the ‘Direct Connection’ screen, tap ‘Code multiple sets’. If using iOS, you will be prompted to visit your device’s settings to access available Wi-Fi networks. Once there, select the ‘iTwinkle WiFi’ network. Enter the default network password ‘20152015’ when prompted. You are now connected to the iTwinkle Wi-Fi network and can return to the App.

5. The App will send an initial command to one of the plugged in sets. The set will display an alternating pattern of red and white LEDs indicating it is beginning the coding process.
6. The App will ask you to assign a code number to your set by selecting a number using the arrows on the screen. You must assign #1 to the first set that you code. All additional sets must follow in sequential order for the sets to operate properly. (i.e. set #2 is coded #2, set #3 is coded #3, etc.) We recommend marking each set to identify its code number once assigned.

7. After coding is successful, the App screen will display two symbols, a (+) sign for adding and coding additional sets, and a check mark for completing the pairing of the connected sets. Follow the instructions in step 6 to code your additional sets. If using iOS, you will need to follow the same procedure for selecting the ‘iTwinkle WiFi’ network as described in step 4. Repeat the process for each set you are coding. Once finished, tap the check mark.

8. The App will confirm that your sets are connected. You will now be able to access the features of the App to use with all of your connected sets. You must be within the operating range (33’) and connected to the network “iTwinkle WiFi 01” for your sets to communicate properly. Each set in sequential order (#1 - #2 - #3) must also be within the designated operating range (33’) of each other in order for the sets to communicate properly. Verify that you are connected to the Wi-Fi network ‘iTwinkle WiFi 01’ and return to the App. Tap ‘OK’, and then tap ‘Connect’ to access the App features.