1. Download and install the iTwinkle Wi-Fi App from App Store (iOS) or Play Store (android).
2. Ensure Wi-Fi is set to ON in your device’s settings.
3. Plug your set in to a power source. The solid red indicator light (last bulb on strand) will turn solid green when it is ready to connect to your device.
4. Open the iTwinkle Wi-Fi App. Tap ‘OK’ to proceed. If using iOS, you will be prompted to visit your device’s settings to access available Wi-Fi networks. Once there, select the ‘iTwinkle WiFi’ network. Enter the default network password ‘20152015’ when prompted. You are now connected to the iTwinkle Wi-Fi network and can return to the App.
5. From the ‘Direct Connection’ screen, select ‘Connect’ to access the App features. The App will confirm when the set has made a successful connection. Tap ‘Next’ to begin controlling your set.